HempKanna Consulting is the first
cannabis consultancy firm in Greece
Consulting on hemp and medical cannabis
is our core business

Seeding Cannabis to grow sustainability
for the land and its people


Our team shows 15+ years of experience on science, technical, policy and management issues related to medical cannabis and hemp production at an integrated scale, from seed to sale of final product.

Our strengths include a specialized team of consultants (engineers, growers, scientists, managers), know-how on processing the plant, long-time involvement with Cannabis and regulatory policies, as well as, the specialized & integrated services that we provide.




HEMPKANNA Consulting provides strategic guidance and know-how transfer for the development of a responsible and efficient medical cannabis and hemp industry.

We employ the industries’ best production strategies and methods to differentiate and elevate your cannabis business to the next level. We are Cannabis experts with substantial experience on the Cannabis business sector.

Our team becomes your team. Whether we define together your vision and strategy, or you share it with us, we align it with the potential of this industry and we work to make you achieve your goals and dreams.



Accountability, integrity and professionalism

Open communication, transparency and respect

Passionate teamwork

Sustainability and social impact

Our Services

Licensing & Planning

  • Obtaining permits and licenses for hemp and medical cannabis operations (cultivation, processing, distribution, product registration).
  • Design, planning and implementation of investment projects for the hemp and medical cannabis industry.
  • Development of technical dossiers, business and operational plans, feasibility studies, etc.
Regulatory Compliance

  • Policy and legislation analysis.
  • Product registration as medical, veterinary, agricultural, nutraceutical and food before competent authorities.
  • Waste and water management, Environmental Impact Assessment.
Design and Build-out of infrastructure

  • Design of production facilities and processing lines for hemp and medical cannabis operations.
  • Engineering plans and studies.
Industrial Equipment sourcing & fulfillment

  • Sourcing of contract manufacturers and equipment providers.
  • Advice on scientific and industrial equipment for the extraction, purification and formulation of cannabinoids, as well as, on industrial set-up (for both cultivation and processing).
Cultivation/ crop management

  • Setting up of growing operations (indoor, outdoor, greenhouses).
  • Advice on supporting infrastructure (warehouses, driers, cleaners, etc).
  • Cultivation/ crop management plans.
  • Harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying) and storing.
  • General agricultural requirements (soil, water, climate, nutrients, organic cultivation practices).
  • Selection of suitable certified industrial hemp varieties/ medical cannabis genetics for specific utilization.
Cannabinoid Extraction and processing

  • Cannabis extraction process development by using various technologies: Supercritical CO2 extraction, Ethanolic maceration etc. Operational parameters fine-tuning, development of SOP.
  • Cannabinoid (pure compounds) isolation through cost-effective means: Centrifugal Partition Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography etc; development of SOP.
Quality Control

  • Organic certification process and regulations (EU organic certification)
  • Organic agriculture (general conditions, qualifications, requirements)
  • Quality control certification (GMP, HACCP, ISO, PFC, GAPGlobal).
  • Quality control procedures and protocols; development & validation of analytical methodologies.
Business development, Branding & Marketing

  • Strategic planning and corporate identity development.
  • Legal and logistic support.
  • Finished product labeling and packaging.
  • Industrial Property management.
  • Strategic partnerships and synergies with investors, producers and experts from all around the world.

  • Human resources and staffing of R&D, Production and QC departments
Supply chain management

  • Provision of raw material and seeds (hemp).
  • From the farm to the processor, from seed to sale.


Our team is comprised of experienced growers, processors, managers, engineers, technicians and scientists, with an active role in the cannabis sector.

The team combined has outstanding expertise at all stages of a vertically integrated production process and provides a skilled operating force for the realization of any cannabis/ hemp investment.

Our team includes: Agronomists, engineers, pharmacologists, environmentalists, chemists, growers, economists, business and project managers, scientists and experts on natural products and cannabis phytochemistry.

 Our in-house competencies cover regulatory issues and compliance policy, licensing, business development, investment planning, cultivation, supercritical cannabinoid extraction and isolation, product formulation, quality and operational management.

At the same time our team has gained considerable knowledge in licensing and state incentive/ co-funding issues, through constant lobbing and policy advocacy with national authorities.

Moreover, an extensive network of collaborating consultants and manufacturers from the global cannabis/ hemp industry secures quality results and state-of-the-art solutions.


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